How to join in Shorinji Kempo Monterey
"Are you looking for mental & physical development training?"

"Do you want to become strong mentally & physically?"

If you say "Yes," Shorinji Kempo will be the best for what you are looking for.

New students are always welcome! We accept new students every month. It is
on-going class. (not a season sports)

<Procedure to join in>
*Before joining in, it is necessary for everyone to visit and observe practice at least once.

1. Please visit and observe our practice. (Appointment only)

(1) Please make your plan to visit and observe practice. Choose one day to visit and observe
practice. We practice every Wednesday & Friday 18:00 - 20:00 (under 15 years old: 18:00 -

(2) When you decide one day to visit and observe practice, please email (not by phone) to tell when you would like to visit and observe.

(3) Please visit the practice location by 17:50 and observe the practice.

Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple
(1155 Noche Buena Street, Seaside, CA 93955)

(4) After you observe the practice, you will receive application forms and bring them back home.

(5) Please ask yourself whether you have strong will to join in and practice Shorinji Kempo for
long. You will need to practice regularly at least one day per a week (two days are recommended)
in order to learn Shorinji Kempo.

2. Please submit an application form before the 1st practice.

(1) If you decide joining in, you will have to submit the application forms and fee before/at the
day of the 1st practice.
Due to our insurance policy, all the application forms and fee must be
submitted to us before starting the 1st practice.

(2) You will start practice on the first practice day of the next month (Wednesday or Friday).
Monthly Tuition: $45 (under 15 years old: $20) (8-9 practices a month)
(Please inquire about children, family, or student discount.)
One time registration fee: $26

Shorinji Kempo Monterey is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization offering Japanese
Martial Arts instruction (Shorinji Kempo).

All your contribution including monthly tuition is tax-deductible for income tax. All branch
Masters do not make money for living from teaching Shorinji Kempo.

(3) After all the application forms and fee are submitted and accepted, you will be able to start
practicing Shorinji Kempo. Only Shorinji Kempo uniform with the logo mark is permitted to
practice. ($50-70 depending on the size.) It is possible for beginners to wear T-shirts and sweat
pants for the first several weeks.

(4) All persons who have never practiced Shorinji Kempo and/or do not have a valid WSKO
membership number will start as a white belt even if they hold black belts of other martial

(5) We will refuse your joining in and practice if:
 a. you do not have an intention to learn Shorinji Kempo,
 b. you do not follow our instructions, rules, or manners,
 c. or any other reasons to make distraction for our practice.
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